Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Here are 9 signs that show you probably need more water

Water consumption affects many aspects of our daily lives, and it’s easier to lose fluids than it is to gain them. Our bodies use water to regulate everything and need more depending on physical exercise, external heat, and sickness. Staying hydrated and healthy is important. Take a look at this list for signs of dehydration.

Source: Lifehacker

1) Dry / Sticky Mouth

The lack of water can lead to the salivary glands not making enough saliva, resulting in a dry or sticky mouth feel, according to Mayo Clinic. This can also make swallowing more difficult.

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2) Less Frequent Urination

When the body does not receive as much water as it is losing in day-to-day functions, the kidneys start to retain water to make up for the higher concentrations of blood, according to Business Insider.

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