Don’t Order An Edible Arrangement. Make It Yourself! Here’s How

Few gifts are as sweet as Edible Arrangements. In more than one sense of the word. But, let’s face it, ordering an Edible Arrangement can get expensive. If you’d like to send an Edible Arrangement as a gift or make one to feature as your centerpiece for a spring or summer party, don’t spend the money. You can make your own Edible Arrangement right at home! You only need a few tools and some of your favorite fruits to make the most deliciously shareable centerpiece your party guests have ever seen. Watch the video below to see how.

Fresh fruit in fun shapes is the perfect thing for spring and summer! The weather basically requires fresh, juicy fruits to be served, and using them as a colorful, fun centerpiece, too? That certainly doesn’t hurt!

 Best of all, making your own arrangement is really simple. You can do this with your kids as a fun afternoon project, and as a creative way to get them to eat their fruits, too.
– Fruits
– Cookie cutters
– Skewers
– Watermelon
 STEP 1: Cut your fruits into slices. From there, you can cut the slices into whatever fun shapes you want.
STEP 2: Arrange the fruits on your skewers.
STEP 3: Cut a watermelon in half, using one half to act as the “vase” of the arrangement. Stick the skewers into the watermelon to finish.
 We love the addition of using the watermelon as the base! So clever and it makes your centerpiece that much more colorful and fun. Plus…you can just cut up the watermelon and eat that after all the skewers are empty.
 For a quick and inexpensive summer centerpiece, definitely opt for this DIY Edible Arrangement. Your guests will thank you for it.
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