Don’t WannaCry? 5 easy tips to protect yourself from ransomware

An aggressive new strain of ransomware is shutting down Windows operating computers all over the world. Although the virus known as WannaCry has already infected over 75,000 PCs in 99 countries, it is actually not that hard to secure your digital data.

The latest ransomware employs asymmetric encryption to hold the target’s information for ransom, using a pair of keys uniquely generated by the attacker for the victim. The attacker makes the private key available to the victim only after the ransom is paid – or very likely does not.

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Here are some easy steps to protect your machine and secure your files from falling hostage to online scammers.

#0 Patch!

Security experts advise to install the Microsoft fix—MS17-010—right away. Following the installation, make sure to reboot the system.

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