Double Lemon Swiss Roll Cake

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A good cake roll recipe. However, i would change a few things in this recipe the next time i make it. For the cake part, instead of adding water, add lemon juice. When baking, watch the cake careful so that the top and sides of it doesn’t get hard and brown. For the filling, add the flour gradually and stir constantly. This will prevent the filling from forming lumps. Thanks for this great recipe1!!

The recipe was very easy to make. I served it to my family and they loved it. It had a rich lemony flavor. I love to bake and enjoyed making this dessert. I plan on making it for the holidays. Only suggestions I would make are to spread the cake batter evenly before baking and check often. Do not over bake or it will not roll properly.

It was a basic cake roll recipie. I overcooked it but it still tasted good but was a little to hard around the edges (but that was my fault). I just trimmed it and it rolled very well. I never use APF in cakes but decided to trust the recipe….next time I will use cake flour instead to make it lighter. I agree that the filling was too sweet. I like tart lemon filling to offset the sweet of the cake and sugar. I also used Meyer lemons which are sweeter to begin with. I also had problems with the egg whites cooking so I just strained it through a sieve to get a nice smooth gel. Overall it was a good taste, not perfect but really good. I’ll make again with some tweeks.

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I have never made any kind of jelly roll pastry before and this was awesome. I did add a healthy splash of lemon extract to the cake part for some extra flavor. I also drizzled some blueberry syrup on top for some color. I got lots of compliments.

The sugar can definitely be cut in the filling. It’s very sweet – made my teeth hurt. Be extra sure to beat the eggbefore adding it to the filling, otherwise, bits of the white cook up and look really gross. Otherwise, a very good recipe.

This is the same recipe that my mom gave me, only she made it with ice cream filling, or raspberry jam. So easy and can be frozen for a quick desert for unexpected guests. My kids love it.

This cake roll is just excellent. The cake was very easy to roll. I think there is just a little bit too much sugar in the overall recipe. This was the first time I made the cake roll and it turned out great, next time I will probably cut down the sugar in the filling just a little bit, because the sweetness is too much and overpowers the lemon flavor. Otherwise, this is an easy and fast cake roll.



1 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

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