Easy Cheese And Potato Croquettes

From holiday party spreads to snacks for the big game, we love all the different and delicious ways to prepare little nibbles to feed a big crowd. Our potato and cheese croquettes are perfect for both occasions. They’re elegant enough for a formal gathering but simple enough to put out for a more casual affair.

This recipe is the perfect way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. We combine fluffy spuds with cheese and seasonings before rolling them in a simple breading. This process keeps the potato filling pillowy soft and gives the outside a hearty crunch. We bake ours instead of deep frying; it keeps the croquettes light and delicious. We like to pass these around at a holiday party, as finger food while watching the big game, or just to have something to nibble on during a lazy weekend afternoon. Croquettes have a fancy sounding name, but we definitely don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a batch!

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