Easy Southwestern Corn Casserole – Straight From The Ranch House Kitchen!

When I was a kid my grandma would always serve creamed corn or creamed spinach with her dinners. I hated it. She even served this dish called “wilted lettuce” and it was creamed with mayo or something. I don’t understand why grandma had to cream all of her food but she did. I don’t think it was the flavors that bothered me but rather the texture of the food. I just couldn’t handle the slippery, sliminess of it all. So, I’m super thankful for this southwestern creamed corn casserole1When you bake it, the texture totally changes. Yussss!

My husband really liked this casserole and has requested that I make it again and sometime very soon.

You got it, dude!

I am really excited about this southwestern creamed corn casserole recipe! I have never really liked creamed corn but when it is baked into a casserole and mixed with some spicy ingredients, well, it just turns into an amazing dish. I think that regular old creamed corn is just too runny and I don’t really enjoy the texture. However, when you bake the ingredients into a casserole it thickens up and becomes heartier. I like to serve this southwestern corn casserole with sour cream, salsa, and black olives as a garnish. I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I do ?

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Check out what my friend Stella had to say about this recipe:

I made this delicious corn casserole with a southwestern kick at my family Thanksgiving last year and it was a mega hit!

I can see how everyone would totally fall in love with this casserole.

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