Ed Sheeran Does Carpool Karaoke & It’s Hilarious!

Get ready to laugh! Ed Sheeran guest-starred on the most recent installment of Carpool Karaoke, the James Corden sketch where he drives with celebrities and prompts them to sing along with popular songs.  And the results? …Hysterical!

The duo starts with Ed Sheeran’s own song, “Shape of You.”

And as James points out, it’s “a sexy song.” This may be what hilariously prompts Ed to pretend to make a move on Corden.

They also sing other Sheeran songs, a Justin Beiber tune, and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” The pop star accompanies their musical journey with his acoustic guitar.

And then things with Sheeran and Corden really get crazy.

While this wacky video is entertaining enough at this point, Corden takes the goofiness to the next level by challenging Sheeran to stuff as many chocolate-covered malt balls into his mouth as possible.

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