Embarrassed of Farting? Read 8 Reasons Why You Should Not Be

This is still a taboo topic, but after this article, you shall have a whole new perspective on things. Believe it or not, farting is actually an indicator of our well-being and it is a sign that our digestive system is healthy.

We fart about five to ten times on a daily basis. But, you should know that there are foods (complex carbohydrates) that makes us fart more often.

They include wheat, oats, beans and sweet potatoes. However, there are also foods (full of nutritional value) that cause even stronger odor.

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8 Reasons Why Farting Won’t Be a Taboo for You Anymore

1. It Feels Good

Holding the gas can make you snappy and irritable. If you are at a public place, you can always excuse yourself to the bathroom and do it quietly.

We’ve all been in that situation, and it is not comfortable at all. Feel free to do it at least when you’re at home. It really does feel good.

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