Everyone Needs To Create A Tick Kit, And Here’s Why

I want you to create a Tick Kit.
Yes, that’s right. A Tick Kit.


I may be a tad obsessed, but I prefer the word “aware.” I’m aware because it’s real. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, any age. And it is hell. A daily, living hell. If you are close to someone who has battled Lyme disease, you get it. You’ve seen that world, and you don’t want any part of it. You aren’t the person I need to persuade. You may skip the pleading in the next couple paragraphs.

I’m talking to the person whose little voice inside their head is whispering, We don’t live in an endemic area. We aren’t outdoorsy people. I am a healthy person. I eat right and exercise regularly. I’ve never found a deer tick on me or my child.

These excuses are invalid. Healthy people who don’t partake in outdoor activities like camping or kayaking and who live right here where you live have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

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Or maybe you are thinking, I use a tick repellent. I check my kids regularly. We wear light-colored pants when in the woods. We shower as soon as we get home.

That’s great! I’m so thankful you are taking precautions.

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