Flourless Bread Rolls – Ideal For Everyone Who Loves Bread And Wants To Lose Weight!

Bread is the major part of most cuisines, as it is the ideal addition to nearly all dishes. However, it turns out that same bread we cannot imagine our daily diet without does more harm than good. It is associated with a few concerning issues, and they are as follows:

Increases blood sugar levels: Wheat contains amylopectin A, a compound that is turned to sugar like any other carb. Right after consuming wheat the blood pressure increases, and within 2 hours you find yourself reaching for something to satisfy your appetite.

Addictive: It has been scientifically shown that gluten affects the brain in a way of inducing a sense of euphoria. The more bread you eat, the more you want it.
Difficult to digest: Bread is difficult to digest, requiring a very strong stomach acid to process it. Sometimes it may take up to a month to digest a meal made up f wheat.
Nutritionally deficient: Bread is depleted of its healthy compounds like germ and bran during the refining process. In other words, most of its vitamins and minerals are lost during this process.


Mucus forming: While mucus is a body` natural mechanism of defending itself, excess mucus indicates that the digestion is compromised and the lungs and nasal passages are obstructed/ congested.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to use bread to make a sandwich, for instance. In fact, you can make a super delicious sandwich without bread and thus without worry about weight gain or any other issue which can arise from excessive intake of carbs.
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