French Onion Baked Rice Hot Dish – It’s Not Fancy But It Sure Is Flavorful!

Bold, robust, and mind-bending flavor!
When it comes to food I am a willing vessel for taste testing. If I would have lived during the days’ kings and queens needed a taste tester for their food to ensure it wasn’t poisoned.
Nevermind that my life could potentially be in danger…it’s free food and it’s fit for royalty! LOL I guess you could say I’m a bit of a foodie.
Anyway, I am big on bold flavor and this french onion rice bake has a lot of it. Normally, these types of casseroles are sort of salty but this one wasn’t. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its wonderful texture and taste.
I know that my husband certainly loves it and so do the kiddos.

They gobble it up like nobody’s business every time I make it. I don’t blame them! This french onion rice bake is superb!
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I am in awe of this delicious recipe. I love how the flavors all intermingle with one another. There is something uh-mazing about anything French onion, in my book. My mother used to use those Lipton French Onion soup mixes in many dishes and they all turned out wonderfully.
Check out what my pals over at Farm Families of Mississippi have to say about this recipe:
Known for its ability to blend well with any food pairings, Rice is also nutritious and economical. Rice, the least allergenic of all grains, is also gluten-free.
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