Fresh Country Style Peach Biscuits With A Side Of Homemade Peach Jam

The following is for the peach lover in all of us!

While we like them fresh, straight off the tree in our backyard, we have no problem buying them in the local grocery store. This is especially true if we can afford organic peaches. They are flavorful and can be inexpensive if you catch them at the right time. AKA: Wintertime you will NOT find cheap peaches!

Interestingly, peaches can now also be found in Walmart and Target stores, near their refrigeration (food) departments. They are delicious and Walmart has a money back guarantee for freshness!

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Now, where there are peaches there are delicious peach recipes and the best we’ve found so far are Peach Cobbler Muffins and on the side Fresh Peach Freezer Jam! The expression “it hits the spot” was created with these two recipes in mind!

Seasoned peach growers to regular everyday kitchen mavens will LOVE the results!

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