From Trash to Treasure – Here Are 15 Brilliant Ways to Use Spray Paint

When a piece of furniture or decor is looking a little down in the dumps, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to take said furniture TO the dump. There’s a simple way you can refresh and revive even your dingiest pieces of decor: spray paint. Because spray paint offers such a variety of colors and textures – and because it’s easy to replace the color with a fresh coat when the mood strikes you – using spray paint to jazz up furniture has become a great decorating trend. With an affordable price and endless possibilities, using spray paint for your next decor project is a brilliant idea. Check out these 15 ways you can use spray paint around the house to get inspired!

1- Plastic Drawers

Spray Paint Drawers

Cheap plastic drawers can be bought for as cheap at $10 at stores like Walmart – but, sadly, they tend to LOOK like they cost $10. Class up these inexpensive drawers by spray painting the frame and handles a metallic gold.

2- Garden Gazing Ball

Spray Paint Bowling Ball

Gazing balls are a beautiful, classy touch for any garden. Generally speaking, however, they’re also an insanely expensive piece of garden decor. Use any orb (in this case, an old bowling ball was used, something you might be able to thrift for cheap) and use a mirrored spray paint. This will give the illusion of an expensive gazing ball without the high-end price tag.

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3- Magnetized Fridge Letters

Spray Paint Letters

You know those plastic, magnetic letters that you’d play with as a kid? Give those magnets a grown-up upgrade by spray painting them a fun color! A crisp white, cool black, or glam metallic instantly makes these letters a fun party game.

4- Planter Cans

Spray Paint Planters

If you grow little seedlings indoors, you’re probably using whatever you can as inside planters. Something that’s great for a DIY planter are empty sauce cans. If you want to take this inexpensive project to the next level, spray paint your can a classy copper color and add some chalkboard labels to identify which herbs are which!

5- Plastic Tub

Spray Paint Ice Bucket

Dollar Store items like plastic tubs can come in handy for so many household situations. In this case, they make great impromptu ice buckets! But if you’re not about that tacky, plastic green, spray paint the bucket the a rustic grey for that effortless, shabby-chic look.

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