Frozen berries, dry cake mix, and 1 can of sprite. yummy cobbler

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I was actually looking for more of a cake or buckle, so when i read the reviews describing this as such i gave it a try. My family adores this recipe. It tastes like a cobbler but is a cake, it’s great. I find, though, that i had to cook it almost 55 minutes… so I would advise checking it every 5 minutes after the recommended 40.

This is more like a ‘buckle’ than a cobbler, but so yummy. I followed the recipe as written, (had to add more milk & bake longer, about an hour.) I used blackberries, cause I’d been out picking them. I topped it w/crumb topping as in the ‘Blueberry Buckle’, recipe found in this site, & drizzled with glaze after it cooled. Made one for my friend & her family also & they all loved it. Thanks!!

Awsome!! i used two cups of frozen mixed berries, i mixed one cup with the dough and spread the rest on top, that made it more like a cobbler then like a muffin or cake as others had stated… i will for sure be making this again!! super easy.


Great, quick recipe! The cobbler was cake-like, so it could easily be served as a coffeecake for breakfast. I used 1 cup raspberries and 1 cup blueberries — turned out very pretty! Thanks for the recipe!

This turned out great! I actually read the last part of the directions wrong and didn’t fold in the raspberries in I just spooned the batter on top of the raspberries, it still turned out wonderful!


Two 12-oz bags frozen mixed berries
1 box white cake mix (no pudding)
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