Fun Summer Drink: Cherry Limeade

Cherry limeade is a summertime classic. I think a lot of people know it from the restaurant Sonic. We actually don’t have a Sonic where I live. So, I grew up seeing it on tv and not having it until I was way older than I had wanted before I tried it.

I really enjoy a nice cherry limeade even though it’s just soda with some extra syrup, haha. It is such a nice treat in the summer. I love carbonated drinks when I’m thirsty and hot so this really hits the spot. This recipe makes 4!


  • 4 cans of of your favorite lemon-lime soda
  • 12 cherries
  • 2 limes, cut into 1/4 wedges
  • Ice, crushed is best but any will work!
  • 8 TB Maraschino Syrup


  1. Place your cherries cherries and ¼ lime in the bottom of your drink.
  2. Add ice and then your soda.
  3. Add 8 TB Maraschino Syrup and juice from 1 lime.

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