These are so good! I agree with others that the brownie part is a little on the dry side (I cooked for only 15 mins exactly) but that’s doesn’t bother me much, they are more cakey than fudgey, but I might try just putting the topping on my usual brownie recipe next time though because I don’t have to buy German chocolate for that either.

I love rich, fudgy brownies, but that coconut pecan frosting takes it to a whole new level. It would be really hard for me to not just eat it all with a spoon!

Brownies are my favourite baked goods, but that frosting….over the top deliciousness.
I need one of this right now! And this frosting is everything! I would totally eat them with my hands because they look so good that I wouldn’t want to waste the time on getting a spoon.

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I agree, the flavor of these is wonderful but the brownie turned out pretty dry. I think next time I will underbake them before I add the topping, so when I put them back in to broil they won’t overcook and dry out. I’m pretty sure thats what happened because it took much longer than 5 minutes on broil for my topping to cook right. Still the flavor was amazing, and I ate them with vanilla ice cream to counter-act the dryness of the brownie!


1 cup butter, softened
2 cups sugar

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