Glazed Cinnamon Swirl Bread With A Hint Of Nutty Goodness

Growing up Mennonite, I was exposed to a lot of amazing foods and recipes.
Sure, they might not all have been the healthiest meals on the block, but whatever, I’m alive and healthy. Today, I’m going to share a recipe with you called “Country Bumpkin Cinnamon bread.” Some people refer to this bread as “Amish Cinnamon Bread” but I can assure you, we Mennonites have been making it for centuries ourselves. This is one easy quick bread, that your family will love. So easy, place the ingredients in a bowl, and mix…that simple. Every time I was volunteered to bring a bread to Church, this was the one most requested.
It’s quite simple to make and anyone can do it regardless of your culinary skill level. As it bakes it leaves an aroma so lovely wafting through your home that your neighbors will be banging on your door to get a slice of whatever it is you’re cooking in there. Some people enjoy making this bread into muffins. I haven’t done this myself yet but I have tasted them before and they are delicious. Enjoy and happy baking!

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