Grandma’s Coffee Crumb Cake

Grandma’s coffee crumb cake, an easy and delicious breakfast indulgence with just 205 calories

A recipe from 1945 that carries on the tradition of warm memories. Great to enjoy on Holidays morning.

Very nice crumb cake! Nice texture and flavor! I made as directed with ease. Next time I prepare this, I think I may add a few toasted almonds to the topping! This recipe would be great served for breakfast or for snack. Thanks, Shirl, for sharing your recipe with us!

this was just so good!!.
i loved the taste, it wasn’t overly sweet and it had a really nice texture. and the smell was just so tempting while it was baking. i could hardly wait for it to cool down enough for me to eat it. thank you so much for posting.

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This was awesome. Very easy to put together and great taste. Took this out of the oven a half hour ago and its pretty much gone! Now I don’t have to spend the $5.00 to buy a Sara Lee or Entemann’s crumbcake! I don’t think I’d dot with the butter again, tho, I think I like the appearance better with just the soft crumb topping. Great recipe and definitely a keeper!


For the Crumb Topping!
3 tablespoons flour
½ cup sugar
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