Grape-Nuts Baked Custard

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I loved this recipe! My mom used to make it when I was little and she often would eat most of it herself. Now I remember why! the custard is very creamy and the grains add a nice distinguishing texture. I made it with raisins and also added cinnamon to the top instead of stirring it throughout. The custard was so fine it didn’t need any embellishment.

This recipe is amazing!! Other ones you have to cook it all on the stovetop before baking; this one you just combine the ingredients and bake. Mine didn’t need the entire hour, it was ready in 45 minutes. Add plenty of nutmeg and enjoy this wonderful, old-fashioned treat.

Was the restaurant in Gloucester Amelia’s? That’s where I first had this. This version has more grapenuts, next time I’d put in half the amount. I doubled the recipe and served it with whipped cream, delicious!

Out of this world delicious!! Thank you for sharing! GrapeNuts no longer have the recipe on their boxes.

I really liked this recipe! I knew exactly what was going into my cereal and could adjust the sugar amount which I did. I used 1/4 cup of homemade brown sugar because I wanted just a hint of sweetness. Even though I don’t think I baked it long enough because I could crumble it with my hands and it took longer drying in the oven, the slightly sweet crunchy end result was awesome for breakfast!

When I was a kid I always wondered what exactly a grape nut was lol. This is a great recipe, even though I didn’t follow it exactly. I did what I usually do, read some recipes and reviews then go in the kitchen and experiment with what I have. But I followed the basic formula and process of the recipe and it resulted in a cereal that tastes better than the store bought. To the recipe, I added in some oat bran, nutmeg and ground flax seed and subbed a cup or so of the wheat flour for spelt flour. Because I added a bit more dry ingredients and the recipe said to pour the batter (mine looked more like dough than batter) I added some water and a few more splashes of vanilla. I baked it for a while, I actually had to leave the house so I shut off the oven and just left it in there till I got back. My meat grinder was grinding it too finely so I put the pieces in the food processor instead, baked it up again and it came out great. Grape nuts is my daughters favorite cereal and she likes this better. It made enough to fill up two quart jars.

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I used to have this for dessert at a restaurant in Glouscester, MA many years ago. It was great then and I love it now with this recipe. They always topped it with a dollop of whipped cream and I did too!


2 cups milk, scalded
2 eggs, slightly beaten
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