He Puts Plain Vanilla Cupcakes in the Oven to Bake. When He’s Done with Them, They Look Nothing Like Cupcakes Anymore.

When it comes to adorable desserts, there’s nothing we like more than a cupcake that’s dressed up in a “costume.” Whether it’s masquerading as flowers, clothing, or even other food, it’s fun to sink your teeth into a treat that tastes like cake while your eyes tell you to prepare for something else.

But let’s be honest— most of the time when we look at treats like the ones we’re talking about, you still know it’s a cupcake. There are telltale signs, and you’re never really convinced. While that’s fine – dessert is dessert, after all! – we couldn’t help but wonder if there was a cupcake out there that could actually fool somebody.

And then we found it: this recipe from Obsev Food. The way he makes these cupcakes is so simple but so smart, and it comes together at the end to resemble something completely different: a tiny cheeseburger! Yes, these cupcakes truly have to be seen to be believed, but trust us when we say that if you served up a platter of these at your next game day party, nobody would bat an eye until they go to take a big bite and get cake instead of burger.

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Now, we couldn’t find a written version of this recipe anywhere, but never fear— that’s why we’re here! Check out the full transcribed recipe below, or simply use your own favorite chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes. Either way you go, be sure to keep scrolling and watch Obsev Food’s video to see them come together to pretend to be little cheeseburgers. It’s truly an incredible edible feat!

I couldn’t have been happier so keep reading to find out what you will need and the full set of instructions, on the next page