Heavenly Divinity

Divinity candy is a delicious homemade confection! This heirloom Divinity candy recipe is a family holiday tradition and always a special favorite!

White divinity which I used to call divinity fudge. Absolutely divine! Store in an airtight container.

I think this recipe needs some detail instructions for first timers. Cook the sugar mixture briskly, unstirred and undisturbed, for 10-15 minutes, until the temperature reached 255 degrees on a candy thermometer, or a drop of the mixture in cold water forms a firm almost brittle ball. I found the 10-15 minutes, was just as important as the temperature. Next, beat the second mixture for another 10 minutes or so (very important time), loses its gloss and is firm enough to hold its shape in a spoon. Stir in the nuts at once. Great taste and texture. Hope this helps.

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Even if you follow the recipe exactly and don’t make it on a rainy or humid day, you have to accept that sometimes it won’t work. That is just the nature of making divinity and has nothing to do with the recipe. That’s just something you have to be aware of before you take on ANY divinity recipe. If you don’t accept that fact…make something else. You have to be a good sport when attempting a divinity recipe! That being said… I love this recipe!!!! I like chocolate chips rather than nuts in it….although just plain is wonderful as well!


Servings: 40
2 1/2 cups sugar

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