Here’s How To Eat Healthy For A Week With Just $50

In reality, most people wrongly mistaken healthy food with an enormous budget.

Yes, eating one or two slices of salmon and/or beef per week is something that will skyrocket you budget.

However, there are ways you can consume healthy food even if you have a tight budget.

So, the next time you think “eating healthy is expensive”, stop for a minute, think for a minute, and try this plant-based, whole food healthy diet.

And the best part is, you need only $50 per week to manage it.

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Quick note, the diet plan is for single people. And men budget can go little higher than women’s.

We all buy more than what we eat each week, so the first step is to limit your shopping to things you eat and need.

With that being said, let’s take a look how you can eat healthy on a budget-friendly, plant-based diet.

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