Homemade Cheesy Garlic Bread – Perfect For Spaghetti Night!

You’ll Feel Like You’re Dining In A Fancy Restaurant!

We all have that one food that we couldn’t stop eating. I for one, if you offer me pasta, I will definitely say yes even though I’m already full. It’s something that I crave for all the time and I wouldn’t mind eating pasta for the rest of my life. But we all have that one friend who has weird tastes in food. In my case, it’s Amanda.

Amanda was obsessed with garlic. While garlic was not really a weird food to get obsessed with, it’s how she ate it that used to weird us out. She ate garlic just like peanuts! I mean, seriously. They tasted horrible raw. And they made your breath taste horrible too! It was worst when we were younger though.

She told us once that it’s her mother’s fault. We all know that garlic is good for the health. And that’s what her mother instilled in her mind. We just couldn’t figure out though how she could take the taste of it raw.

At least now, she can control herself and doesn’t devour garlic anymore. Her best compromise, which was suggested by a friend, was garlic bread. As long as she has garlic bread, she doesn’t feel the need to eat raw garlic. This tasty recipe for cheesy garlic bread reminds me of Amanda how we always thought she would never become a vampire victim. Ever.

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This is the type of garlic bread that will take everyone’s breath away the moment they catch sight of it. I served this with my signature pesto pasta last weekend and before they even got to the pasta, the basket of garlic bread was empty! Yes, this is how good this recipe is. The only thing that I didn’t like while I was making it was, I couldn’t stop eating them before dinner. I almost ate everything!

Because I am a pasta lover, I always love me some tasty garlic bread. For me, my pasta experience is not complete without it. I love mine chewy on the inside too and crusty on the outside. This recipe helped me achieve both!

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