Homemade Summer Salsa Verde

Salsa verde has always been my favorite form of salsa. I mean, like, always. I didn’t like salsa at all as a young kid. I was about 10 when my mom started buying Emerald Valley salsa verde, and I loved it! We’d eat chips and salsa as a snack sometimes when we’d watch our tv shows at night and play Boggle.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes. I pick them out most of the time. I have learned in the last 5 or so years though that I am a big fan of tomatillos, and I absolutely love them on my salads and such. That actually explains a lot in terms of why I prefer salsa verde over red, haha.

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I can’t wait until I can have a garden, and I can grow tomatillos. YUM!

This salsa verde recipe is easy and delicious! Go ahead and give it a try.

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