How to bake mini egg omelettes

Now this is a recipe we love! See how a few simple ingredients (only 7) and a muffin tin pan can lead to a super easy, delicious breakfast idea. Be sure to watch the video and see the full written recipe below.
The beauty behind this recipe is that it uses the muffin tin pan. By doing so, you are automatically cutting your meals into portions (without any actual cutting), making breakfast each day way easier. The muffin tin pan is also easier to clean than a traditional omelet in a skillet (especially if you use a liner).

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8 eggs
¼ cup half and half
1½ cup beef, small diced
1 red onion, small diced
1 red bell pepper, small diced
1 cup cheddar cheese
2 tablespoon oil
1 teaspoon salt
pepper to taste

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