How to Clean a Grill Pan in different ways

With grill pans, you can get the fun grill marks without the hassle of firing up a big outdoor grill. Grill pans can get a little messy, though, so you do need to figure out how you’re going to clean them. They come in two main varieties, cast iron and nonstick, which need to be cleaned in different ways. Also, take steps to prolong the life of your grill pan by doing things like avoiding the dishwasher and not using steel wool to clean it.

Washing a Cast Iron Grill Pan

1- Pour off any excess grease.

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While the grease is still warm, pour it off into another container or the trash. Don’t pour grease down the drain, as it can lead to clogs. Getting rid of the grease first will make it easier to clean. You can even wipe down the pan with a paper towel, being careful not to burn your fingers.

2- Make a paste of hot water and salt.

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To clean off the gunk, add a bit of hot water to a small handful of salt in the pan. Kosher salt works well because of the big flakes. Spread it out across the pan using a scrubber brush.

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You can use soap on some grill pans, but doing so may strip off some the seasoning you’ve created on your pan.

3- Scrub the pan down.

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Using a nylon brush, rub the salt mixture into the pan. The salt mixture should take off any big clumps of grease or food debris. You may need to apply more salt if your pan is especially dirty or rinse out the salt and start again.

4- Rinse and dry.

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Rinse the salt out of the pan using hot water. Use your scrubbing brush to make sure it’s rinsed out well. Pat the pan dry, or set it back on the stove on a low heat to air dry. It should be thoroughly dry to prevent rusting.

5- Reestablish the seasoning.

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Seasoning is the layer of oil you build up on a cast iron pan that acts as a nonstick coating. Once it’s dry, rub a bit of cooking oil into the pan to reestablish the seasoning. Remove any excess oil.

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