It’s Really Simple But Really Enhances Any Meal!

Garlic powder is one of those seasonings that just adds life and flavor to pretty much any dish. We especially like it in pasta sauce — and on garlic toast, of course — but you can also add it to everything from scrambled eggs to tomato soup to your favorite homemade bread. We can’t imagine cooking without this versatile spice, but you may be doing your recipes an injustice if you only use the store-bought garlic powder.

While it’s certainly easy and convenient to use and does add plenty of flavors, it’s just not as vibrant or mouthwatering as garlic powder you made yourself. And while you may think that making your own garlic powder must be expensive, time-consuming and complicated, it’s actually pretty quick and easy to do. Plus, you can make up a nice big batch and then have it on hand for whenever you need it so that you don’t have to make it fresh every time you need it for a recipe.

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