How to Make Iced Coffee 5 Different Ways

When the warm months of spring and summer come around, your love of java takes on a whole new (and totally delicious) form. Otherwise known as ice coffee. The transition from hand-warming hot coffee to the sweet, refreshing flavor of iced coffee is a glorious one, and we are so excited that time of year has come back again! How we’ve missed you, iced coffee. To celebrate the return of our favorite way to stay both cool and caffeinated, here are 5 fun ways to make your iced coffee this summer. Because we deserve to explore all the beautiful things iced java has to offer.

The Domestic Geek shares with us her 5 favorite coffee hacks to use during this season of iced coffee. And, oh, we intend to use them all.


The sweet, gooey texture of canned sweetened, condensed milk is the perfect thing for your ice coffee. Start with your java just black, then add your condensed milk for a rich, sweet flavored cup of Joe with minimal effort involved.


You might think that simple syrup is only for alcoholic beverages, but you can also use it in your coffee to add sweetness without using additional sugar or cream in your java. And, best of all, it’s really…simple to make. Get it?

Add one part sugar and one part water into a pot that is over medium heat on the stove, whisking until the sugar dissolves. For a little extra flavor, add anything you’d like to the mix! Vanilla, coconut – let your flavorful imagination run wild.

Strain the syrup so you have only the liquid, and pour right into your black coffee.

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