How to Make This Easy Chocolate-Filled Puff Pastry

No matter how planned out we like our days to be ( and some of us take this much more seriously than others) we can’t predict everything. Sometimes, you get thrown for a loop that you couldn’t have possibly prepared for. And when that sudden surprise involves entertaining others — as it often does — the pressure is really on.

When you’re suddenly expecting people, the clock starts ticking; you only have so long to clean the house, get yourself ready, and have something for your guests to pick on while they’re visiting.

Veggie platters and cheese plates are easy enough to whip up, but what about dessert? Forget pre-cut cookie dough or store-bought pies, we’ve got the perfect last minute dessert for you: an indulgent chocolate-filled pastry.

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This doesn’t SOUND like something you can make at a moment’s notice, but thanks to DaveHax, it is! You only need a few simple ingredients and a few minutes of your time to make this incredible dessert, and it’s something that your guests will really think you slaved away making.

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