How to whiten your yellowed pillows

Sure, you may clean your pillowcases once every week or so, but what about your actual pillows? Over the course of time, these can get yellow and stained (and just plain icky). And when this happens, there’s luckily a way to bring them back to their former clean and white glory. One Good Thing by Jillee shares a miracle laundry whitening solution and technique that works like magic on dingy pillows.

It’s a gross topic, but it happens to all of us: we sweat when we sleep. Our bodies are working to keep us at a comfortable temperature, and that often requires a little excretion in the process. Not so pleasant to think about, we know.

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But think about this. All that sweat, dirt, old makeup, and whatever else you can imagine is being absorbed through our pillowcases and onto our pillows. No wonder they get so yellow and dingy looking! They desperately need not only to be whitened but to be disinfected.

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