How to Wrap Cheese

Call me a cheese geek (I readily confess), but wrapping cheese carefully has always given me particular satisfaction. Perhaps it’s my own small homage to the considerable labors of the cheesemaker, the least I can do being to send the wedge or wheel on its way looking its best. Taking care to wrap cheese serves a dual purpose. It’s not only pleasing to the eye but is essential to keeping the cheese in the best possible condition. A badly wrapped cheese will deteriorate much more quickly than a well-wrapped one.

What follows are some step-by-step instructions for swaddling those challenging cheese shapes armed only with a sheet of paper and a small amount of sticky tape. If you find a method that works better for you, that is fine too (and we’d love to hear about it). The important thing is to ensure that the cheese is entirely covered by paper, but not wrapped so tight that it’s strangled. Remember, cheese is alive.

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Step 1: Place the wedge of cheese along the center line or crease of the paper. This will provide a good positioning guide, ensuring that the cheese is entirely covered by the paper when it’s wrapped.

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