Husband Always Asks For The Same Dessert – Mini Cherry Cheesecake Tarts

There is a lot to be said about these delicious mini cherry cheesecake tarts. For one, they are made using rich and flavorful cheesecake ingredients. I love me some cheesecake, don’t you? I think I could chow down on these tarts without the cherries if I had to. I mean, the cake portion of this dessert is so rich and flavorful. I love it! Another aspect that I completely adore about this recipe is how easy it is to make. These tarts taste like they came from an upscale bakery but really, they just came from my humble kitchen ?
Mini cherry cheesecake tarts are the perfect dessert for serving at a church potluck or family picnic.
G’head, make ’em and eat ’em like there is no tomorrow.

I love dainty little desserts, don’t you? Even my husband and boys like these “girly” little treats. They say that they don’t taste girly at all and the cream cheesecake is super rich. I love that my guys say they can really sink their teeth into these mini cherry cheesecake tarts. That makes me happy! I made these little tarts for a church potluck last spring and everyone loved them. In fact, my pastor’s wife even asked me for the recipe! I gave her the details and told her she could make them for the next potluck hehe!
These mini cherry cheesecake tarts are a breeze to make but they look and taste like you spent your afternoon slaving away in the kitchen.
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