If You Like Lemon Meringue Then You Have To Try Our Toasted, Creamier, Italian Version

If You Love Lemon Meringue Pie As Much As We Do, Then You Have To Try This Pie Topped With A Toasted Italian Meringue!

This beautiful pie made our mouths water in delight at its lemony perfection and its refreshing sweet-meets-tart flavor. This recipe for lemon meringue pie manages to make a great thing even better, by having a lot of meringue on top of the pie. This is Italian meringue, which is a little different than the typical meringue we use. Italian meringue is cooked and more stable than other meringues, and has a marshmallowy texture that most people find hard to resist.

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Toasted meringue on top, buttery, creamy lemon pudding and a flaky crust make this version of lemon meringue pie a true winner. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself making it every time you have a special occasion or just about any time you can!

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