If You See a Centipede in Your House, Don’t Do THIS!

Bugs: Even the mention of them can be a hair-raising experience for a lot of folks. And, though it’s true that you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would admit to actually liking the disgusting things, it’s easy to forget that they do serve a purpose!

Take, house centipedes, for instance. The one at the top of this article looks pretty innocent, but when you are taking a shower, and one randomly pops out of the drain, we bet many of you out there turn the nozzle on that sucker pretty quickly.

And, while we certainly do understand the inherent need to eliminate bugs from a happy home, it’s important to be aware of the benefits that this species of centipede can offer.

It’s all in their diet

House centipedes are considered to be the ‘good guys’ of the arthropods because their diet tends to benefit humans the most. You see, these creepy fellas love munching on some of our least favorite bugs and insects, like cockroaches, flies, moths, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, and small spiders.

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Basically, these leggy wonders get rid of pretty much any and every arthropod that they can—and we tend to think that your house may just be better off for it!

Are house centipedes dangerous?

Though all house centipedes technically have poison glands that inject venom to help them kill their prey, they pose very little threat to humans. In the very unlikely event that one bites you, you may experience a very short burst of temporary pain.