If You See Your Children Sit in THIS Position, IMMEDIATELY Stop Them!

W position is one of the most popular and common position of sitting among children. When playing, watching TV or reading they are positioned like that.

When child is sitting in other position it develops its own control and rotation of the body and the separation of the both sides. These two functions are essential for having hand dominance and improved motor skills.

In opposite, W sitting should be avoided and is not recommended to anyone. Parents have to pay more attention how they kid is positioned. This position leads to many other problems.

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This position is favored among kids because they are motoricaly active during games and they care only about their toys. They do not pay attention on their balance.  In W position they are totally concentrated on the game, they are in front of the toy but are unable to make trunk rotations and to shift their weight. The shifts and rotations are important for improving the body balance and necessary for proper development.

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