Indulge In This Dessert And Smile All Day. – It’s THAT GOOD!

One of my favorite pies to make and eat would have to be pecan. I have loved this pie since my grandma would make it for me as a little girl. Nowadays, I do not get to enjoy this treat very much unless I am dining out at a restaurant due to the fact that my youngest son is allergic to tree nuts. Boo!
However, little man took a trip to grandma and grandpa’s house last weekend and I put my baking apron on. This pecan pie is not just any old pecan pie, it is MAPLE pecan pie. You see, you add maple syrup to the mix and the yum factor increases tenfold.
One bit of this pie will send your taste buds on a one way trip to Pleasantville. I am not even joking, folks. This maple pecan pie is probably the BEST nut pie I have ever had the pleasure of making and eating. My husband adored this dessert as well.

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