Instead of Making Cherry Pie, Try This Simple High-End Alternative

Surprise guests with a summer dessert that’s not the expected crumble or pie. Make a cherry clafoutis: a rich custard studded with ripe, sweet cherries, and dusted with powdered sugar. French desserts may seem intimidating, but clafoutis (pronounced “cla-foo-tee”) couldn’t be easier. You don’t even have to do any mixing, because you can whip up the batter right in the blender.

Surprise Your Guests with a Cherry Clafoutis

Now traditionally, clafoutis is made with unpitted cherries, because purists say that the baked pits added a nice almond note to the dessert. But digging into a delicious dessert and biting down into a cherry pit is the pits! So we removed the cherry pits but kept the almond flavor with a touch of almond extract (it’s optional if you don’t have any in the cupboard).

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And if you’re giving this recipe the side-eye thinking there are plenty of things you’ve rather do than pit a pound of cherries, we’ve got a tip for easy cherry pitting that’s going to knock your socks off. (You could even call it the cherry on top of this already insanely easy dessert recipe.) If you have a cherry pitter at home, lucky you — but if you don’t, just grab a chopstick and a bottle with a skinny neck, position the cherry on the mouth of the bottle, and use the chopstick to pop the pit right out.

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