Juicy Blackberries Hugged By Brie Cheese And Wrapped In Puff Pastry Dough – Yummo!

I was into something new lately. It de-stresses me a bit so I keep doing it. I am learning a new language! Yes! It was suggested to me by a friend when I was telling her that I probably need something that will relax me. However, I was truly skeptical when she suggested it because of course, studying usually means a headache and a whole lot of other stress. Surprisingly though, she was a bit correct. She told me that I always use my brain when I’m working, so definitely, what I need is an exercise for the brain. And since this is fun, it will relax me. And she’s right!

I am learning Japanese once a month and I am actually falling in love with it. I met Georgia in this class and we became instant friends. Georgia is a single mom who loves trying new things and this is what she’s into right now. Georgia loves to cook and during break, she supplies the two of us with her home baked goodies as we read through our lessons (we usually have a lecture in the morning and a quiz in the afternoon).

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One of the baked goodies is similar to the recipe I am about to share with you. Georgia is in love with those little fruity pastry bites and so am I. Which is why more than the class, I am always looking forward to the break.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Just A Little Bite and Huckleberry Love.