Keep Mosquitoes Away by Planting These 7 Plants in Your Garden

After this past crazy winter, there’s nothing we’re longing for quite as much as summer and its sunshine, open windows, picnics and— mosquitos? That last one is the insect in the sweet summer ointment, but luckily there are plenty of safe, natural ways to repel the pesky blood-suckers. Check out Craftsy’s list of the six best plants to grow to make your home a green, mosquito-free haven. Though debate exists over whether you need to crush the leaves of these plants to get the full effect, there’s evidence that just having them around does the trick. Read on and tell us what you think!

1- Basil


Mosquitos – and flies! – just don’t appreciate the smell of this tasty herb like we lucky humans do! You can grow it in any sunny location around your home, so put some pots out near your doors, windows, patio and any open space where you want to enjoy its fragrance pest-free.

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2- Catnip


Your cat will thank you for this one, and you get to enjoy the beauty of its white and purple flowers. Add some catnip to your flower beds and enjoy gardening without fighting off bites.

3- Citronella Grass

Citronella Grass

You’ve probably heard of this inedible perennial, a main ingredient in repellants and those candles everybody puts out in summertime. You can add the grass to a sunny spot of your garden or lawn as a more natural safeguard. Just be careful— its concentrated oils can be irritating to the skin.

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