Know The Warning Signs Of Evil French Onion Soup

My Aunt Millie always ordered French onion soup when we went out to eat and now, I understand why.
Nothing brings a family together better than food. When I was a little girl my mom would often have family and friends over for Sunday dinner. These dinners were big and would remind someone of the holidays. Mom would always make a pot of her famous French onion soup. Everyone loved this soup. Even I, who hated onions, loved my mom’s french onion soup. Isn’t that wild?
To this day, I still enjoy chowing down on French onion soup which is why I’m sharing this delightful recipe with all of you.
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For as long as I can recall, French onion soup has been one of my favorite things to eat. There is this delicious buffet-style restaurant in my area that always serves french onion soup and I look forward to eating it every time we go.
The steamy broth, the sweet onions, the melty cheese, and croutons…oh boy! I think I could live on French onion soup. How about you? is French onion soup one of your favorites, too?
Oh, and get this, as this soup cooks it smells absolutely amazing!
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