Lasso Up Yer Lil’ Doggies For Some Cowboy Casserole – Yeehaw

My husband calls this casserole, “man food” because it’s hearty and filling.
My Aunt Maggie was the best at whipping up casseroles whenever our family showed up unannounced for dinner, which was something that my mom always got a kick out of for some reason. She would show up with a family of five and ask, “What’s for dinner Mags?” My Aunt, being the amazing woman she was, never hesitated to jump right to work and feed us hungry kids.

She was famous for making dishes that were done in under an hour. “Go play kids, I’ll call you when it’s ready.” This Cowboy Casserole is exactly the kind of thing she loved to make.
We always gobbled up whatever she sat in front of us and went back out to enjoy our time with our cousins. I never knew what her and my mom talked about, but we always left that house in a good mood with a full belly.

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These directions are listed for cooking in the oven, which is by far the fastest way to get this meal on the table. If Mom would have gave Auntie some notice, I bet she would have put it in the slow cooker. That’s how I make my casseroles of these kind now. I can toss it all in there and go work on other things. When I’m done, so is dinner. You’ve done the tater tot casserole and it’s run its course on your table.
This is a great twist that offers a completely different taste. You have to try it!
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