Layered Pudding Delight

I’m a huge fan of everything cherry…and cheesecakey…well, let’s just say that I love desserts!  ?

And lately, I’ve been enjoying baking.  With the holidays quickly approaching, no one in my family is going to argue some extra desserts around the house!  It seems to be my way to relax after a long day of handling a clingy baby and a rambunctious 3 years old, lol!

Today I’m sharing a recipe for an easy southern favorite- Cherry Layered Pudding Delight. You can make this in any flavor you like – just substitute a different flavor pie filling.

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I’ll go ahead and warn you- this is a sugar-filled, all processed food dish. But it’s so good. My mother has made this for years. A little indulgence won’t hurt once in a while. I did attempt a remake of this in chocolate with homemade pudding and real fruit on top that I’ll be sharing at some point on my blog if you want to know how to make it a little healthier, (or less unhealthy).

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