Learn How To Make Delicious 3-Ingredient Peach Cobbler

Everyone loves dessert, but not everyone loves the time and the energy that it takes to make it.

Let’s face it, a lot of desserts are time-consuming and require a lot of fancy ingredients and and considerable preparation time.

So when you’re craving something sweet, but also something homemade, this peach cobbler recipe is one you should remember!

And because it’s only three ingredients, it’s actually really easy to remember — just like our incredible 3-ingredient slow cooker meatballs. Mix up these two tasty dishes, and you’ve got yourself dinner and dessert.

All you need is cake mix, canned peaches in syrup, and some butter. Seriously — that’s it! And because this recipe is so super simple, there’s no reason to save it for only special occasions. You can make this any time.

The best thing about a simple dessert (besides, you know, the simplicity) is that you can make it on a whim. When you realize you need something sweet to top off your day, you can whip this up in just half an hour, and then sit back and enjoy this treat. It’s also great for wowing company!

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SOURCE: www.littlethings.com/three-ingredient-peach-cobbler