Low-Carb Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

A-Mazing!!!! Made this tonight and it exceeded all expectations🙌 I served this with pickles as I love pickles on burgers. My picky family LOVED it too.

Hi! I love your recipe! It would be really helpful if you could add to the nutritional info, how many grams (mass) the serving is. I realize that if you divide it up exactly according to instructions, the info should be accurate, but I think it would be helpful since people’s beef, Turkey bacon, slicing, etc. is different. Since this is so high cal, and every bite counts, small differences in the size of the piece matter, so I want to put my pieces on a scale to be accurate.

I made this casserole for dinner today. I cut the recipe in half. It turned out perfectly delicious. I followed the directions and shredded my own block of sharp cheddar cheese. I wouldn’t change anything about this recipe.

Just made this tonight…. DELICIOUS!! I didn’t have cheddar cheese, so I used a Mexican blend cheese. It tasted just like a bacon cheeseburger! Family loved it. They are “quiche-phobic”, and didn’t even realize there were eggs in the recipe!

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Makes this tonight for the first time. Hardest part was cooking a pound of bacon and keeping everyone out of it so I could chop it up. Even my pickiest eaters loved it!

I just switched out the cheddar for Swiss and added mushrooms to the beef mixture. Also used Montreal steak seasoning instead of the other seasoning. My fiancé loves mushroom Swiss and didn’t care it wasn’t on a bun at al. Also found some Yukon gold fries for about 16 gras net carbs. I do intermittent fasting and find some carbs don’t effect my weight. Love the recipe. Very versatile!


2 pounds ground beef
2 cloves garlic, minced

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