Macaroni! This Salad Will Make You Dance!

Ditch Your Old Recipe With The Extra Calories – This Creamy Mac Salad Is BETTER
There’s one thing I remember very clearly from my childhood. Whenever there was a party, no matter what the occasion, they always served macaroni salad.
I’m not sure if it was some kind of a trend back then but, I do remember it was always my favorite. Everyone had their own recipe, each a little different than the other, but to me they were equally delicious. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties when I first tried to make it myself. It turned out way too dry – I guess that’s what you get when you’re trying to pull something off without using a recipe!
I have learned my lesson since then, and these days I always find a recipe first before I start making all kinds of adjustments… This macaroni salad recipe right here is one of the easiest I’ve tried, and also one of the best. It’s definitely not dry, but it’s not too creamy either. Now that I’m trying to watch my waistline a little after Christmas, I made a healthier version of this. And I have to say I actually like it even more!

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Now, for those of you who are afraid this is going to be tasteless with the healthy ingredient choices: no worries! It’ll be just as delicious and moist as it would be, if you used regular salad dressing and the whole boiled eggs. Usually I like to boil the eggs but then use just the whites for this – it reduces a lot of calories, and I simply just use the yolks for something else (try mixing them into a veggie casserole!)

The recipe is showing the original amount of sugar but you can simply halve it. To be honest with you, I don’t use sugar at all for this. I don’t like any sweetness in my macaroni salad! Sometimes, though, if I’m serving this to a larger crowd, I add a tiny bit of honey. Just to to make sure there is a hint of sweetness for those who like it.
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