Made-Especially-For-You Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies

Man, I have learned to love a good brownie.
I have always been a cookie fan myself, but my husband is a die-hard brownie guy. He loves a good piece of cakey chocolate to lift his mood or give him the energy he needs to get through his day. With a good piece of chocolate, he is often awake enough to help me do anything around the house. (Do not tell him, keep this as a little secret between us, but I make him brownies so he feels awake and then gets around to the home to-do list that is always sitting there. Haha)
Having a yummy afternoon treat is always something delicious and special that I love to have for my husband when he gets home from work or siblings when they come over to spend the afternoon or night with us.
They will never know that the brownies can be made with boxed mix and you just threw some marshmallows over it to make them yummier. No way, these look totally impressive and delicious and your guests will be begging you for more!

These brownies are fluffy due to keeping them a little underbaked. They are also totally mushy since the melted marshmallows over the top keep it gooey and stretchy. They get stuck in your teeth and kids absolutely love the mess they can make while eating these, but I find them to be totally worth it. Give these a try next time your kids are on their way home from school, or you are expecting someone over. It is just the perfect housewarming treat for when someone arrives. This recipe is one that will truly impress your guests.
You will most certainly be wanting more of these! So, my suggestion is to make the first batch for your self and then if you have had your fill, make the second to share (you can steal from that batch as well!).

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1 cup pulverized graham crackers (about 6 graham crackers, blended or food processed)

1/3 cup Land O’ Lakes butter (melted)

1/4 cup Domino brown sugar


12 Tbs Land O’ Lakes butter

1 cup Domino brown sugar (lightly packed)

3/4 cup Domino white sugar

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