Make An Impression With These Stupid-Easy Cookies

Don’t you just love no-bake cookies? Well, I sure do! I think it’s awesome that I can make all these delicious treats without even turning on the oven. They are just as good (or often even better) than baked cookies, and I do think it’s the flavor that counts. Who wouldn’t want to get away with as little hassle as possible?

And you don’t have to worry about burning the whole batch, either! I can’t even tell you how many times that has happened to me… It was actually one of the reasons I didn’t bake cookies for a whole year. I was trying to make super special chocolate cookies for the holidays, and they ended up looking like charcoal. Yeah, yeah, I know – I should probably get a timer that actually works!
Anyway, whenever I can opt for the no-bake version of a dessert, I’ll do it. And these scrumptious white chocolate and peanut butter cookies are my favorite! I found the recipe over at Fourgirl and I’ve made these twice already. They are extremely addictive!

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Besides serving these as dessert, I love having these as a little pick-me-up after a long day at work. There’s nothing better than dunking one of these into milk (or coffee, for that matter). Or maybe two. Or three…
The reason there are no specific amounts on the ingredient list is that it’s completely up to you. I’ll give you an extra tip, though – the more, the better! I started with a small batch and it sure didn’t last long! I was half way through when I was already hoping I had made more!

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