Make Mashed Potato History By Adding Garlic And Mozzarella To The Mix

Nothing beats a side of creamy mashed potatoes during Sunday dinner.
I love mashed potatoes and so does my husband. It is one of our favorite sides. Sometimes, I like to veer off the beaten path and add a few special ingredients to the mashed potatoes to add an extra level of yummy flavor to them. My husband doesn’t mind just as long as the spuds are mashed. When I came across this recipe I was seriously thrilled.

I mean, I love garlic and I love cheese so of course, these garlic mozzarella mashed potatoes caught my attention.

Do you have any special add-ins that you enjoy putting in your mashed potatoes?

My mama always told me to leave well enough alone but I just couldn’t resist when it came to these mashed taters. They are incredibly simple to make and they taste amazing.

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Using a good shredded cheese makes a world of difference in your recipes. You might want to take the extra step to shredding your own versus using the pre-shredded variety. Why? Because pre-shredded cheese using things like cornstarch, cellulose, and even…wait for it…sawdust to keep the cheese from caking. Isn’t that insane? I’ve been shredding my own cheese straight off the block for a long time now.
Adding a touch of cream cheese to these mashed potatoes is another yummy ingredient you may wish to consider. It’s good!


4 medium to large russet potatoes

1 cup freshly Kraft shredded mozzarella
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