Mashed Potato Patties Make Eating Leftover Spuds Fun!

Everyone loves to have a loaded baked potato with their steak or chicken. It’s like the perfect side and it’s fun to put all your favorite toppings on that giant tater. Sometimes, I even make them the main course! These Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes capture all the amazing flavors, are fun to make with leftover mashed potatoes, and they give the family something new to experience. I love potato cakes in general, so this option combines two of our family favorites.
I always topped my potato with plenty of sour cream growing up, and I do the same with these. This is now a favorite for leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes! These little spud cakes will be a major hit on your holiday menu. The kids love them!

We’ve made these potato cakes twice now, and the second time it was for breakfast after having mashed potatoes for dinner the night before, because we just couldn’t wait to eat them. My inner kid comes out because I love playing with food, and mom always told me not to put my hands in my mashed potatoes but now I can, so there! I love to eat these yummy patties with sour cream and chives. Check out what my pals over at group recipes had to say:
This is a great dish to serve as a side or an appetizer. We love it and it is an awesome way to use up leftover mashed potatoes.
It’s important to know that leftover mashed potatoes are the best for this, because they are cold from the refrigerator. The first time I made these I was so excited to try them I used freshly made mashed potatoes and that was a mess! Cold potatoes don’t stick and are able to be shaped much easier. Not that it wasn’t fun but the results weren’t as neat.

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