May I Introduce You To Your New Favorite Chicken Dinner?

Hands Down, The Best Meal Ever Made In A Casserole Dish!

Oh boy, oh boy! This is one of those meals you could eat ten days in a row, and you’d still want to make it again the next day! Since I came across the recipe over at anotherfoodiblogger I’ve made this almost every week, and my whole family is crazy about it. Even my picky eater always goes for a second serving, and wants to know if we’re having this again soon!

Don’t be startled by the lengthy list of ingredients. The cooking instructions are very straightforward, and even though some effort is required to make this tasty chicken tetrazzini casserole, it is most definitely worth it!

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It’s creamy, cheesy, juicy and mouthwatering, with a wonderful crispy crust made of bread pieces and cheese. I guarantee this recipe will be added into your dinner rotation, too! I had barely had my first bite of this when I already heard my husband say; “I sure hope we’re having this again soon!”

I would recommend you double the ingredients and make this in two casserole dishes. It freezes well – or maybe you’d just like to have plenty of leftovers, to eat this the next day, too. I sure know I did!

Recipe and image courtesy of anotherfoodieblogger.

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